You already know Paper World offers extraordinary offset printing, but now we also offer Digital Printing. Each printing method has it’s own advantages. We are offering both as part of our continuing efforts to offer you the most product options!

Offset Printing

With our Offset products you will get the highest printing quality available. Offset is the best choice for standard orders with quantities from 250 to 50,000 plus pieces.  The offset technology enables us to produce quality as it does not allow the ink to pass directly onto the paper. In fact, the ink is distributed from a metal plate to a rubber mat and then it is set onto the paper. Our Offset printing technique uses state-of-the-art technology which aids in generating unique and finis designs. Currently, we are offering nine standard stocks along with various printing and coating options. A typical Offset printing job includes 1,000 Full Color Flyers with Gloss Overall Coating.

Digital Printing

With our digital printing technology we use electronic files in quality print production. The magic of Digital printing lies in its flexibility. It offers wide practical options which would not be affordable for Offset. Such options include standard orders for smaller quantities i.e. under 250 pieces, custom stocks, variable data and faster turnarounds.

Clients can print several materials right when they need them. To top it all, we offer a good variety of coatings which are carried out with the help of our latest technologies such as On-Demand or Print on Demand (POD). This is perfect for designers who constantly update their printed pieces. A typical example of a digital printing job would be a 50 full color business cards on Pearlescent stock with spot coating.


An average user uses ink jet printer which works fine for their average tasks. Nevertheless, for availing higher quality prints for your creativity and designs, we present RGB & CMYK options.  When light is emitted by the monitors, inked papers absorb and reflect particular wavelengths. The CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, and yellow pigments) act as filters eliminating varying degrees of RGB (red, green, blue) from white light in order to fabricate a selective range of spectral colors. Best possible detail and vibrancy can be maintained and persevered if the images or digital files can be converted to the CMYK color space. This is done when the printer uses color management methods.

We offer your files to be delivered in RGB such that our printers with ICC profiles attached can use the color management methods for converting to CMYK or your files can be delivered in the CMYK more because this mode is necessary for printing process. In case of digital art which consist spot colors, and usually the color gamuts for color spots libraries like those associated with Pantone Matching system extent out of ranges of CMYK color gamut therefore some of the color spots might not represent effectively using CMYK process inks. In such a case, RGB can be utilized for better quality print however, is usually specific.

Bleed Sizes and Safety Margins

We all want to be perfect, but lets face it, nothing ever is.  Your bleed space makes certain that when your design is trimmed out, the cutter trims in the ink making an edge free cut.


What is Profiles and how do I use them?

Check out our Guru Page for videos.