What is Offline Marketing?

Offline Marketing can be anything you do to market offline.  “Offline” is a term that includes, print, promotional, vendor shows, Social events etc. A great marketing plan fully utilizes both offline and online marketing tactics to make sure your maximizing customer response to your marketing efforts.

At PaperWorld, we have been your source for offline marketing materials for over 25 years.  Now, we are excited to offer a vast amount of new, Online marketing opportunities including integration with your offline marketing strategy.

Print, Media and Online Marketing are all just tools, but to truly get real results and to get the most of your marketing dollar, a full marketing strategy and analysis is necessary.  Hire a pro has many benefits as they have a truly honest and non-biased perspective of your company.  They can show you where your strong and where you are weak.  If you feel you need a marketing plan overhaul, or have never created a real marketing plan, this may be for you.

Direct Mailing/Coupons

Signs, Banners, Digital Posters

Call Blasts – Phone

Trade shows/Business Fair

Social Event/Chambers


Advertising – TV, Radio, Printed Adds