We are excited to announce MOBILE

Imagine, during slow hour, you send out a text instantly to all your customers that happy hour is starting early.  within 20-30 minutes, people begin to trail in with a coupon code showing you they received your text and are here to use your coupon?  What a tremendous value to have that kind of connected accessibility to your customers.

Lets say somebody is browsing in your store, and want to see additional information about a product or service.  With a smartphone, they can scan, text, or type a code that takes them to a unique mobile site designed around the promotion of that product or service.

Business man on the go is tired of losing business cards or contact info, instead of emails, he uses his phone to scan your QR code and all your company contact info is directly added to his phone book in a fraction of the time and he is now signed up for your email newsletter!

These are only 3 examples of the power of mobile marketing.  This exciting technology is not new, but actually well adopted around the world anywhere that smartphones are widely used.