Geo-Targeted Marketing

The term Geo-targeted suggests that localizing your marketing to your exact community is critical.  Did you know, that you can target your online presence down to the very zip code? Targeted marketing is about spending money only to the customers you want.  Through a process of refinement, you can narrow your customers down to the very smallest groups and reach them exactly how you see best.  This technique can produce ROI around 700% or more.

Local Directories

Directory services such as Yellow Pages and Angie’s list are everywhere, but inputing your listings into over 80 directory services and maintaining them when your data changes can be a nightmare.  We offer a services to help maintain the consistency of your company profile all over the internet.

Local/Map Services

Google Places, Yahoo Local, City Search, just to name a few.  They are dominating the internet with your business information. Users are searching them to find YOUR information.  Do you know what they see?

Business Reviews

Once aspect of targeted marketing the is often overlooked are business reviews.  Have you looked up your business on google only to find a shocking amount of information you didn’t know existed?  Perhaps somebody is pretending to be your company, or malicious comments are being made. False information is a big problem on the internet as users lose site of who they have connected to and often the details of these sites create  a vast amount of confusion for search engines like google or yahoo and the customer.   We also offer a service to take current customer reviews and turn them in online, as well as we can submit and help build up your reviews for you.