Customer Private Invite

Shhhh….. Private Invite








My name is Jesse Maitland, marketing consultant for PaperWorld.

I’m here to talk with you today about an exclusive new marketing strategy that Ron and I have dreamed up to improve the effectiveness of your marketing and promotional strategies.

We know, as a Redding business, marketing and advertising is a challenge, especially in a down economy.

Many of you are feeling the weight of it and honestly, we think we can help.

We aren’t here to sale you another program, we truly want give you some amazing new tools. We believe they can seriously help you know where your marketing budget is going. Know where your succeeding with REAL data to see exactly what works.

Heres what you need to do,

Why do you need this?  Well, if you have a business, you want to know what marketing creates results.  Spend the money where you KNOW it’s working!


Our team of marketing gurus have a large amount of experience in Offline Marketing and Online Marketing techniques including SEO, Google, Social and traditional marketing techniques.  We have made a custom interview process that helps us to identify the needs and strengths of your company. This allows us to give you a fair and honest assessment of how your business is doing with marketing.  Perhaps your doing well, but you are unaware of another opportunity.  We want to help you find those missed opportunities.

As a valued customer of PaperWorld, for a limited time, we’re offering a marketing consultation to our customers (valued at $299) for FREE, $000.00. NO catch, NO gimmicks.  To claim your free consultation, simply enter your email address. When you have entered your email address, please leave a comment below.




How to get your free consultation:  Simply enter your email address in the form, once you have entered your email, confirm your subscription. Follow the link in the confirmation email to fill out the online survey, (required before consultation).

You may also click and download it from here,‘20-Questions.doc‘. Please download the Client Questionnaire Exercise, please fax to (530) 549-5247

Please be sure to leave a comment below.


We want to thank you for your participation and are excited to start helping you succeed at managing your marketing campaigns.  For more of our resources, please check out the new paperworld website.