cutterWhen presenting quality work to the snobby designers, we do believe that detailing plays a very important role. Therefore, we use the industry’s top-notch and reputed technological equipment to bring out clean and polished material. In order to cut precise holes and edges, we use one of our high-tech tools – the laser cutter. The magic of these laser cutters lies in their high powered laser onto any material. A vector file is created and is sent to the laser cutter for controlling the path of the laser. After a clear path is defined, it can finely cut out whatever is required. The beam of the laser cutter can focus down to a point which is as small as one-thousandth of an inch. It can then melt, burn and/or vaporize any material that hits it.


Our binding options vary on the basis of cost, durability and appearance. We boast off our binders to be most durable and have the perfect-bound appearances. Client’s preferences are given great importance and hence, we use binding options which best meet their requirements. Our custom binders present our clients organized and successful printing jobs. Moreover, our  folder options range from A4 budget folder, A4 corporate / 1 pocket flat, A4 corporate/ 2 pocket flat, A4 corporate/ 1 pocket 5mm, A4 corporate / 2 pocket 10 mm, A4 CD Folder/ 1 pocket flat, A4 CD Folder / 1 pocket 5 mm, A5 corporate / 1 pocket flat and A5 corporate/ 1 pocket 5 mm to bring customized printing solutions to our clients.