Getting Analytical with Analytics

For some of you this is old news, but for most its new. The booming success of google adwords reached it pinnacle in early 2000. Quite simply, the biggest advancement in Highly targeted marketing made this industry trend a real business changer. for pennies, you had targeted customers viewing your adds and the ones who clicked were the ones you paid for. The amount of perspective shoppers converted to customers was at an all time high. If you paid 10 cents per customer, and then they purchased your item for 19.99, you’d be living the life, and many people were.

Unfortunately, that market has flooded pretty well, but the lesson learned during that time was priceless. It showed us the way shoppers made decisions and allowed to track, compare and adjust marketing campaigns real-time. The power to interact with your customers was never this powerful. Now, while the boom is over, this tool is still just as valid and a tremendous resource. Many search engines now allow for advertisment placement and customers have learned that these adds are of high quality and interest.

Another trend are the social media platforms. Highly social, but highly monetized. What does that mean? Well, business have realized the power of influence, and in a social community, most buying decisions are made very spontaneously and impulsively.

Well, today, the new business practice is to implement the tools necessary to have this same information to better spend our marketing budgets. It gives us a more clearer picture of what money is spent well and what is a waste. You no longer have to guess, but rather look and the data can show you which add campaign is more effective and what adds are converting leads quicker and faster.

If your interested in implementing these tools, many of them are free, and so is our consultation. Let us know.